Eyetracking - professional analysis of eye movement and vision range

Eyetracking is a high tech solution to analyze eye movements and the actual range of visual of human beings. Using this technology you can i.e. determine for how long someone looks at what with which level of intensitiy. Eyetracking can not only assess eye movement, it goes far beyond this possiibility: combined access to eyemovement data and video information on what the client is actdually seeing allows to find out, what information the client looked at for which period of time.

Ronaldo - world top soccer player using the Ergoneers eyetracking solution

Broad range of applications

  • Analysis in sports peak performance
  • Research studies for universities and beyond
  • Market research and analysis
  • Automotive and transportations industry

Powerful hard- and software

The current technology is quite powerful and versatile. Combined with the D-LAB software, it offers access not only to eyetracking but can be combined with video capturing, audio recordings, Auto-CAM-systems, physiological sensors such as EMG, respiration, puls, temperature, skin conductance, EEG and much more). This allows for various forms of application for both research and industry.

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Eyetracking applied to analyze driver's behavior in a new car model

D-LAB Analysis Software - sample screen

Athlete monitored with eyetracking and motion cameras

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