About MediTECH

It is our ultimate goal to continuously help the people who put their trust in us with innovative and convincing solutions. Alongside with our research partners we develop test- and training solutions that provide convincing results and are intuitive in their usability. Our main topics are:

We are ready for your inquiries and will be happy to support you with your initial questions, throughout your planning and method implementation and continuously upon all and any further questions or need for help you may have. Simply contact us for your first consultation - at absolutely no cost or obligations.

We offer qualified career trainings!

Industrial business management assistant and electronic technician are two of the key career trainings we have been providing full heartedly for many years to young people seeking qualified career training. Professional qualification is very important to us - as a contribution to society just as much as a means to find smart and dedicated new team members. Please find more information on our career options here...

DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 certified MD manufacturer

Profesional quality assurance is an immanent part of our company's self-concept and understanding. Since 1999 we have established and maintained our certified quality assurance system. For many years we have been certified according to ISO 13485 (medical devices) and ISO 9001 (industry standards) and continue to improve our system and our performance still.

We are here to assist you by all means!

No matter if we had the pleasure of meeting personally yet or not: We will take care of your request or inquiry full heartedly. Please don't hesitate to contact us, send us an E-Mail or call you for a free consultation upon your request.

We assume responsibility

The world we live in, our environment is essential. As a company, we assume responsibilty and act accordingly in many ways: With a new 30.000-Watts photovoltaics system we now produce about 60% of our annual power requirements ourselves - as clean and eco-friendly as can be.

Start video to see a dubbed short documentary on our new photovoltaic installation